How Many Chapters In A Plague Tale

A plague tale is typically composed of three to seven chapters, though there are tales with as many as twelve or more. The number of chapters in a plague tale often reflects the length of the story.


How Many Chapters are in A Plague Tale?
A Plague Tale: Chapter Lengths
How to Pace Yourself While Reading A Plague Tale
A Plague Tale: A Chapter

There are nine chapters in A Plague Tale.

When you’re reading the blog section, remember to pace yourself. You don’t want to lose track of the story. If you’re trying to read everything in one sitting, it’s going to be tough. Try to break it up into manageable chunks.

Some people like to read a chapter a day. Others like to read one chapter a week. There’s no one right way to do it. Just make sure you’re taking your time and following the story.

If you’re struggling to follow the story, it might be a good idea to read the prologue and the first chapter again. That will help you get a better understanding of the setting and the characters.


There are typically three types of plague tales: folktales, allegories, and parables. Folktales are shorter, punchier, and often less complex than allegories and parables. Allegories are longer, more complex, and often involve a moral. Parables are even longer, more complex, and often involve a lesson.

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In a folktale, the plague is a natural disaster that wipes out most of the people in a community. In an allegory, the plague is a symbol of something else (usually sin). In a parable, the plague is a sign that something is wrong with the community.

Chapter Guide
A Plague Tale Chapter Summaries

  1. Introducing the Characters
  2. The Outbreak
  3. The Search
  4. Evacuation and Survival
  5. The Return
  6. The Aftermath


A plague tale typically has between three and five chapters.

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