How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Their Phone

Are you checking your phone more than usual lately? If so, you may be active on your phone. But how do you know if someone is really active on their phone and not just idle? There are a few ways to tell.


Check the phone’s activity light.

A phone s activity light will turn on when there is an incoming phone call or text, or when it is in use. It will also turn on when the phone is connected to a power source or when it is being used to access the internet.

Look for telltale signs of phone use.

If someone is glued to their phone, they likely have something important to attend to. If someone is absentmindedly scrolling through their phone, they are likely engaged in some form of idle activity. If someone is constantly taking screenshots and recording videos, they are likely putting in extra effort to document their work. Conversely, if someone is sitting quietly with their phone in their hand, they may be waiting for a callback or meeting.

Check the phone’s screen.

If the person is looking at something on their phone, they are likely active on their phone. If they are scrolling through their social media feeds, they are likely inactive. If they are typing away on their phone, they are likely active.

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Listen for phone sounds.

If someone is on their phone, they will likely be making phone sounds. This could include things like people talking, ringing, or notifications going off.

Check for recent activity on social media.

A savvy professional will check for recent activity on social media, as this provides a snapshot of their current interests and engagement. They may also check for blog posts or articles they have written, or updates on their professional network.


If someone is constantly looking down at their phone, it’s likely they’re not very active. If someone is constantly engaging with their surroundings and talking, they’re probably more active.

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