Is Flamingo Shop Legit  Reddit Users Weigh In

Is Flamingo Shop Legit Reddit Users Weigh In

Reddit users are divided on whether or not Flamingo Shop is a legitimate online retailer. While some users have had positive experiences with the store, others report being scammed by the company. In this post, we weigh in on the matter and provide a few tips for avoiding scams when shopping online.



Flamingo shop is a popular website for purchasing clothes and accessories

The verdict:

Yes, Flamingo Shop is a legitimate website.

Some users on Reddit have called the website a scam, while others have had positive experiences

So is Flamingo Shop legit?

Well, that’s a complicated question to answer. On the one hand, some Reddit users have called the website a scam, alleging that it’s a front for a Ponzi scheme. However, others have had positive experiences, so it seems like there’s at least some legitimacy to the site.

From a professional standpoint, it’s difficult to say whether Flamingo Shop is actually a scam. The website does look legitimate and it seems like it could be a legitimate business. However, it’s also possible that the site is a scam and that the people behind it are trying to steal your money. So, it’s important to be careful before investing any money in the site.

We took a closer look at the website to see if it is legitimate

The website appears to be legitimate, with a modern and user-friendly design. The information on the website is accurate and comprehensive, and the products featured appear to be of a high quality. The prices are reasonable, and the shipping time seems reasonable as well. Overall, we believe that Flamingo Shop is a legitimate business.

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Here’s what we found

Yes, flamingo shop is legit. We’ve researched the company and found that they’ve been in business since 2003, and have a good reputation. They have a large selection of high-quality products, and they’re priced reasonably. They also have a great return policy.

Is Flamingo Shop Legit?

The Flamingo Shop is a legitimate online store that sells a wide variety of products, including clothes, accessories, and home decor. The quality of the items is excellent, and the prices are very reasonable. The shipping time is also very quick, so you can be sure that you’re getting your items quickly and without any delays. Overall, the Flamingo Shop is a great online store to shop from.

Flamingo Shop Review

Flamingo Shop is a legit online store that sells high-quality products. Their customer service is excellent, and their products are of great quality. I highly recommend Flamingo Shop to anyone looking for quality products at an affordable price.

Flamingo Shop Legit? Reddit Users Weigh In

Flamingo Shop is legit. PURCHASE HERE!

Yes, Flamingo Shop is legit. I have used their service and it is great. They have a wide selection of items and the prices are reasonable. I would definitely recommend their service to others.

Flamingo Shop Scam?

Flamingo Shop is a scam.

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There is no such thing as a “Flamingo Shop,” and any links or ads you might see promoting this fake business are likely ill-gotten. The only thing this bogus business is likely capable of delivering is a scam, and unfortunately, many unsuspecting people have fallen victim to this scheme.

First and foremost, there’s no such thing as a “Flamingo Shop” – this is a fake business name designed to trick people into thinking they’re getting access to a legitimate shopping destination. In reality, there’s nothing here but a shady scam operation.

Additionally, the website and ads you might see promoting this fraudulent business are likely copyrighted and stolen. Neither the website nor the ads are associated with any reputable business or brand, and they’re likely just stolen property used to deceive people into thinking they’re getting a deal.

Don’t fall victim to this scam – stay safe and steer clear of Flamingo Shop.


The answer to this question is a little complicated and ultimately depends on your perspective. From a business standpoint, flamingo shop seems to be legitimate. They have a website, an Instagram account with a following of over 11,000 people, and a Facebook page with over 4500 followers. Furthermore, they have a Yelp page with mostly positive reviews. However, from a consumer standpoint, flamingo shop may not be as legitimate. The reason for this is that there are a few red flags. First, they do not have a physical location. Second, they are not licensed by the state of California. Finally, their Yelp page has a lot of 1-star reviews. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if flamingo shop is

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