Paper Mario ROM

Paper Mario ROM

Mario and Luigi are on a quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil king, Bowser. Along the way, they must find and collect power-ups to help them on their way. In Paper Mario, players control Mario as he traverses an 8-bit world, collecting coins and battling enemies to reach the end.


Easy Paper Mario 64 HD Setup Tutorial/ Guide for Project64 using GLideN64 and HD Texture Packs

Paper Mario ROM Hacks

I’m going to be completely honest with you. When I first heard about Paper Mario ROM hacks, I had no idea what they were. I thought they were just some sort of cheat code that allowed you to play the game on an easier level. Turns out, I was completely wrong.

Paper Mario ROM hacks are actually a series of games that are made to change the game’s code and allow players to play as characters that they might not be able to normally play as. For example, you can play as Bowser or Princess Peach, both of whom you can’t normally play as in the game.

There are also mods that add content to the game, such as new levels or new enemies. Mods can also change the game’s appearance, make it easier or harder, or change the way the game plays altogether.

So, if you’re looking for a way to change up your Paper Mario experience and make the game more your own, a ROM hack is the way to go.

Paper Mario ROM Download

Paper Mario was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1996, in what many considered to be the series’ debut. It was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, who is now the Chief Creative Officer at Nintendo.

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The game centers around the titular character, Mario, who must save the princess from the evil Bowser. Along the way, Mario must collect coins, power-ups, and other items to help him in his quest.

One of the most memorable aspects of the game is its unique art style. The backgrounds and character sprites are made out of paper, which gives the game a unique and whimsical feel.

Although the game was originally released on the Nintendo 64, it has since been re-released on a number of different platforms. The latest version, which was released in 2017, is available on the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re looking for a challenging and entertaining game that will take you a few hours to complete, Paper Mario is definitely worth checking out.

Paper Mario ROM Emulator

Welcome to my Paper Mario ROM Emulator! This project is a complete emulator for the Nintendo 64 game, Paper Mario. It is based on the codebase of the amazing N64Doom64 emulator, with a few customisations and updates.

This emulator is designed for Windows, and currently supports Windows 7 and 8.1. I have also made a portable version for use on USB drives. The portable version is designed to run without any installation requirements, and can be found here.

This emulator is currently in development, and I am working on adding features and bug fixes as I go. If you would like to see features added, or have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

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Please note: This emulator is not designed to be used for online play.

Paper Mario ROM GBA

– Paper Mario is a 8-bit role-playing game released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 by Nintendo.
– The game follows the adventures of the title character, Mario, as he travels across different worlds in search of Princess Peach.
– The game features a unique style of puzzle-solving that relies on the player manipulating simple icons on the screen in order to progress.
– The player can battle enemies and bosses, or use items to help them progress.
– Paper Mario received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the unique puzzle-solving and the likable characters.

Paper Mario is a unique game for the Game Boy Advance. The player controls Mario as he travels to different worlds in search of Princess Peach. In order to progress, the player must solve puzzles that require the use of icons on the screen. These icons can be moved around and combined to form new icons. In order to defeat enemies and bosses, or progress to new areas, the player must use the right items at the right time. Paper Mario received generally positive reviews from critics. They praised the unique puzzle-solving and the likable characters.

Paper Mario ROM Gamecube

Paper Mario is a game for the Gamecube. It is a platform game in which Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, and fight his way through a series of levels.

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The game was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was released in 2001 in Japan and 2002 in North America.

The game is a follow-up to the Super Mario RPG series, and features many elements from that game. In Paper Mario, the player controls Mario as he traverses a series of levels, in which he must battle enemies, collect items, and reach the end.

The game is unique in that the player can choose to play as either Mario or Luigi. This allows the player to experience the game in a different way, and to use different strategies depending on which character is controlling.

The game is also unusual in that it focuses extensively on the use of the Gamecube’s controller. The player must use the controller in various ways to interact with the game world, and to guide Mario around.

In addition to the standard Gamecube controller, the game also supports the Game Boy Advance SP, the Nintendo 64DD, and the Nintendo GameCube Player. This allows the player to use the other controllers to control other characters in the game, or to use the Gamecube Player to interact with objects in the game world.

The game was well received by critics. It has a score of 78 on Metacritic, based on 14 reviews.


If you’re a fan of the Paper Mario series, then you’ll want to check out the ROMs for the games. These files allow you to play the games without the need for a console or emulator.

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