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The Sonos logo is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever seen it. The simple, geometric design has been in use since the company’s inception in 2002, and it has remained unchanged since then.


The Sonos logo began as a simple sketch on a whiteboard in the company’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters by co-founder Michael Bell. Bell was brainstorming ideas for a new product and wanted to come up with a unique and memorable logo. “I just drew a triangle on a whiteboard and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ and everyone was like, ‘That’s pretty cool,'” Bell recalls.

The original Sonos logo was designed to evoke the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Bell recalls that inspiration coming partly from his memories of summers spent visiting his family on the coast. “There’s something about the sound of waves that feels natural and peaceful,” he says.

The triangle shape is inspired by the Greek letter delta, which Bell found aesthetically pleasing because it’s simple and symmetrical. The color palette of blue, green and white was chosen to reflect the ocean and the company’s values of simplicity, quality and sustainability.

In 2007, Sonos released its first product, the Sonos PLAY:1, which was followed by the Sonos PLAY:2 and Sonos PLAY:3 in 2008, the Sonos PLAY:5 in 2010 and the Sonos PLAY:6 in 2015. Today, Sonos products are sold in over 100 countries and in all major retail categories.

The Sonos logo has remained largely unchanged since its inception, but in 2018, the company introduced a new branding campaign called “Sound of

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Sonos, a California-based audio technology company, has a fun, clever and sophisticated logo that has a very interesting meaning.

The Sonos logo is composed of a simple triangle with a rounded top and bottom. The triangle represents the three essential elements of sound, silence and sound. Silence is at the top, representing the idea that sound must be created with intent and purpose in order to be heard. The bottom represents the idea that sound can travel through any medium, be it air, water or even the earth.

The rounded top and bottom represent the idea that sound can be round and full, just like a musical experience. The triangle also represents the idea of balance, as sound can be intense or mellow, just like music.

Logo design is a difficult and ever-changing field. There are so many variables to consider when crafting a logo, from its color palette to the fonts used. So when Sonos decided to revamp their logo, they took their time to ensure that the new design was suited to the brand’s unique personality and values.

The original Sonos logo was designed in-house by the company’s founders. It featured a simple white and green logo, with the Sonos name in bold typeface. The design was simple, modern, and conveyed the idea of quality and clarity.

Since then, the brand has evolved and grown in popularity. So, in order to reflect this change, the Sonos logo needed to change too.

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The new logo features a more simplistic design, with a focus on typography and color. The colors are chosen to reflect the different parts of the Sonos ecosystem – blue for audio, green for wireless, and white for signal.

The typography is also more modern and sophisticated, with a focus on legibility and readability. This makes the logo suitable for both print and digital media.

Overall, the new Sonos logo is brighter, more vivid, and more expressive. It’s the perfect representation of the brand’s personality and values.

“Sonos is a brand that is all about creating a sonic experience that’s never been done before. We believe in pushing the envelope, and our logo reflects that spirit.

The Sonos logo is designed to be sleek and modern, while also paying homage to our brand’s history. The three circles in the logo represent our three core pillars: sound, design, and technology. We love to think outside the box and challenge ourselves, and that’s what shines through in our logo.

We hope you love it, too!”

The Sonos logo is designed to reflect the brand’s ethos of pushing the envelope with sonic innovation. The circles represent our three core values: sound, design, and technology. The circular shape is designed to be sleek and modern, while also paying homage to our brand’s history. The three circles together represent our “vision to hear the world,” and our commitment to delivering sonic experiences that have never been done before.

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The Sonos logo is both instantly recognizable and unique. The simple outline of a speaker, with the word “Sonos” in the middle, is instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever seen it. The word “Sonos” is also prominently featured in the logo, which gives the overall impression of strength and authority.

The Sonos logo is also unique. There are no other speaker brands with a logo quite like it. The Sonos logo has a very modern, sleek appearance, which sets it apart from other speaker brands.

The Sonos logo is also important. It’s the first and only logo that features a speaker in the middle of the logo. Other speaker brands have logos that feature speakers on either the left or the right side of the logo, but Sonos is the only brand that features a speaker in the middle. This distinction is important because it sets Sonos apart as the leading speaker brand in the market.

All of these factors make the Sonos logo an important part of the speaker brand. It’s instantly recognizable, unique, and important.


The Sonos logo is simple, but effective. It features a simple triangle, with the Sonos name in the center. The triangle is surrounded by a curved border, which gives the logo a modern look. The blue color of the triangle is eye-catching, and the simple design makes it easy to remember. The logo is simple, but it’s a design that’s been successfully used by Sonos for years.

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