What Does Hold Rel Mem Cr Pending Mean

What Does Hold Rel Mem Cr Pending Mean

Pending is a status that a Relational Memory (Rm) database can have. When a Relational Memory database is pending, it means that the database is in the process of being shut down.


Why does cheque pending with "FM Deposit Hold-See SM" statement in TD Bank? What does it mean?

Holds means “to keep in a position of authority or influence.” When a company has a hold on a customer’s credit report, it means that the company has a right to approve or reject any loan or credit application that the customer tries to make. This hold is usually placed on the customer’s credit report as a precautionary measure to ensure that the customer is able to pay his or her bills.

What is the definition of “hold”?

The definition of “hold” is to keep possession of something. For example, you might hold a book in your hand or a ball in your hand.

What is the definition of “rel”?

rel is short for relationship and mem is short for memory. Basically, rel mem cr pending means that the relation between two objects is pending.

What is the definition of “mem”?

The definition of “mem” is “a short form of memory; a mental image.” This means that the term holds a memory or image of something.

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What is the definition of “cr”?

The definition of cr is “critical” and it means that the memory is in use and it needs to be freed up.

What is the definition of “pending”?

Pending is defined as: a state or an idea that is being considered or is in the process of being decided.

What do these terms mean in relation to each other?

relational memory (also known as active memory or cognitive memory) is a type of memory that enables us to retrieve and recall information that is associated with past experiences. Pending memory is a term used in computer science and information technology to refer to information that is still being processed and is not yet available for use.


Pending rel mem cr indicates that the rel memory usage is below the threshold set by the administrator. This usually indicates that the memory usage is within limits and that the system is operating normally.

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