Browser Icon Image

Browser Icon Image

Different browsers have different icons in the address bar. This can be a bit confusing for people who are not familiar with the different browsers. This post will show you how to change the browser icon image in different browsers.


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How to change your browser icon

Changing your browser’s icon is a great way to personalize your browsing experience.

To change your browser’s icon, open your browser and click the menu button (usually located in the top-right corner). From the menu, choose “Tools” and then “Options.”

In the “Options” window, click the “Appearance” tab and then under “Toolbars,” click the “Browser Icon” button.

In the “Browser Icon” window, select the icon you want to use and then click the “OK” button.

That’s it!

Why you should change your browser icon

Changing your browser icon can help improve your online reputation. People tend to trust websites that use professional icons. Additionally, witty and clever icons can make your website stand out. Wit and clever icons can also help you attract visitors who are looking for information that is both professional and humorous.

How to make a custom browser icon

If you don’t have a custom icon ready, you can use the default Google Chrome icon found in:

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C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultLocal Storagechrome-extension_bg.png

2) If you have a custom icon ready, you’ll need to export it as an image. You can do this by opening up a File Explorer window and going to:

C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultLocal Storagechrome-extension_bg.png

3) Right-click on the chrome-extension_bg.png file and select “Save As…”.

4) In the save as dialog box, name the file “icon.png” and click OK.

5) Drag the icon.png file into the Chrome extension developer console.

6) In the developer console, click on the “Extensions” tab and click on the “Create” button on the right.

7) In the “Create Extension” dialog box, enter a name for your extension (e.g. “Icon Maker”) and click the “Create” button.

8) Your new icon extension will now be loaded automatically every time you start Chrome.

If you want to disable the icon extension,

The benefits of changing your browser icon

  1. Changing your browser icon can help you easily identify your browser as one of the most popular browsers on the market.

    2. The icon can also help you easily find and access your favorites websites, shortcuts, and tools.

    3. Finally, your icon can also create a more professional and polished look for your website.

How your browser icon image affects your SEO

Your browser icon image is one of the first things potential customers will see when they browse your website. Because of this, it’s important to make sure it’s professional, witty, and clever. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this:

1. Use a professional image hosting service like or These sites offer free and premium accounts, respectively, with which you can easily upload your own images.

2. Make sure your image is sized correctly. Most browsers default to displaying images at 80×80 pixels, which is the standard size for an icon. If your image is larger or smaller than this, you’ll need to adjust the dimensions in the upload process.

3. Use a catchy name for your icon. This will help you identify it more easily on web pages. Try to come up with something that’s clever and meaningful, like “The Shiny New SEO Toolkit.”

4. Use a catchy slogan for your icon. This will help you identify your site more easily on web pages. Try to come up with something that’s clever and meaningful, like “Get More Website Visibility with Online Marketing Strategies.”

5. Use a descriptive filename for your image. This will help you identify your image more easily on web pages. Try to come up with something that’s catchy and meaningful, like “The SEO Icon That Gives Your Site Visibility.”

6. Make sure your


Browser icons are a powerful way to brand your website. They can be the first thing visitors see when they open your website, and can help them determine which browser to use. Make sure your icon is high-quality and looks good in all browsers, and consider using icons from a reputable icon library.

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