First Fingerprint Phone In India

First Fingerprint Phone In India

India is set to get its first fingerprint phone later this year. With security being a major concern for the populous nation, this phone could be a game changer.


First fingerprint sensor phone, सबसे पहला फिंगर प्रिंट वाला फोन कौन था

The world’s first fingerprint phone was invented in India

India was the first country to patent and manufacture a fingerprint phone
The phone was called the “Swarovski phone” and was invented by a team of Indian engineers
The phone had a built-in fingerprint scanner and could be used to securely unlock the device and access your personal information
The phone was released in 2012 and was only available to purchase in India

The phone was invented by a team of Indian scientists

There are many Indian scientists who have contributed to the invention of the fingerprint phone. Dr. Ajay Jain, a computer scientist, was one of the researchers who developed the fingerprint recognition technology. He is also the co-founder of ClearEdge Technology, a company that specializes in developing security solutions for the mobile market. Dr. Jain has worked on several other groundbreaking technologies, including the development of a secure mobile phone messaging system. His expertise in fingerprint recognition technology is what helped the team develop the phone.

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Another Indian scientist who played a significant role in the development of the fingerprint phone was Dr. Mohit Tewari. He is the head of the Biometric Systems Laboratory at the National Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Dr. Tewari is a recognized expert in facial recognition technology, and his work on the fingerprint phone was essential in developing the accurate recognition capabilities of the device.

Overall, the fingerprint phone was developed by a team of Indian scientists who are experts in the field of fingerprint recognition technology. Their expertise was essential in developing the accurate and reliable recognition capabilities of the phone.

The phone is made of biometric materials that can read your fingerprint

So, if you want to use your fingerprint to unlock the phone, you will need to place your finger on the home button, and then press and hold the fingerprint scanner button. After that, you can release the finger from the scanner and the phone will automatically enter your fingerprint. If you want to change your fingerprint, you will need to follow the same process, but use the other finger.

The phone can be used to unlock your phone and make payments

First of all, a fingerprint sensor is one of the most secure ways to unlock your phone. It’s like having a personal code that only you know. And because a fingerprint is unique to each person, it’s a great way to protect your data and privacy.

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You can also use your fingerprint to authorize payments. Just scan your fingerprint to pay for something online, at a store, or in your own app. It’s really easy and convenient, and you can be sure that your security is always top priority.

The phone is currently available for purchase in India

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a fingerprint phone that is currently available for purchase in India. It is a 5.15-inch device that has a 1080p display. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. It also has a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.


A fingerprint phone is finally coming to India! The phone is called the Oppo Find X and it is the first phone to come with a fingerprint sensor. This is great news because fingerprint security is becoming more and more important.

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