Kisan Samman Yojna

Kisan Samman Yojna

Kisan Samman Yojna is a unique initiative introduced by the Government of India, aimed at providing financial assistance to farmers across the country. As a proud member of the agricultural community, I feel honored to be able to write an article about this program. Kisan Samman Yojna is designed to financially assist farmers who are facing challenges due to the vagaries of weather, pests, and other economic factors. This program is a major step forward in helping the rural population of India, who are the backbone of our economy. It is an attempt to bring about a much-needed change in the lives of the farmers and their families who have been struggling to make ends meet. Through this article, I will discuss how this program works


Kisan Samman Yojana

Kisan Samman Yojana (KSY) is a government scheme, launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to provide social security and financial assistance to farmers. This scheme aims to provide an income support of Rs. 6000 to marginal farmers of the country, that is to farmers having less than 2 hectares of land. It is estimated that the scheme will benefit 12 crore farmers and will be provided in 3 installments of Rs. 2000 each, directly into the accounts of the beneficiaries.

The scheme has been designed to supplement the income of the small and marginal farmers, enabling them to make better investments in their farming practices. This will help them in improving their yields and overall income. This scheme is expected to give a major boost to the economy, by improving the income of 12 crore small and marginal farmers.

The selection process for Kisan Samman Yojana is done on the basis of the data collected from the Agriculture census done in 2015-16, along with data from the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC). The database is used to identify the beneficiaries and transfer the funds directly into their accounts through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system.

Kisan Samman Yojana has been widely appreciated by the farmers of the country, as it helps them in reducing their financial burden. It is one of the most successful schemes under the present government, which has been implemented successfully in all the states of the country. The government of India is committed to ensure that the farmers of the country get the best possible assistance so that

Overview: Benefits of KSY

Kisan Samman Yojna (KSY) is a welfare scheme introduced by the Government of India, in December 2018, to provide income support to small and marginal farmers. The scheme provides an annual income support of Rs. 6000/- to small and marginal farmers who own up to two hectares of land. This scheme has been introduced with the aim of alleviating poverty, addressing the issue of income inequality, and increasing the income of farmers.

KSY benefits over 12 crore farmers across the country, making it the largest income support program in the world. It provides an assured income to the country’s smallest and most vulnerable farmers, and has been credited with significantly reducing poverty in rural areas. Additionally, this scheme has been instrumental in providing financial security to farmers, and has enabled them to access other government schemes and services.

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The scheme is funded by the central government, with each state contributing a small percentage of its budget to the scheme. It is implemented by state governments and provides direct transfer of money to the bank accounts of eligible farmers, every year. Moreover, KSY also covers the cost of inputs such as fertilizers and seeds, reducing the overall financial burden on farmers.

Finally, it is important to note that KSY has been successful in improving the lives of many farmers across the country. It has been credited with providing a much-needed financial security to farmers, increasing their access to government schemes, and reducing poverty in the rural areas. As per the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, the number of kisan samman

Eligibility Criteria

Kisan Samman Yojna, or KSY, is a relief program launched by the Indian Government to provide financial assistance to farmers in the form of pension. To be eligible for KSY, farmers must be over the age of 60 and must have an agricultural landholding of up to two hectares. Additionally, the farmer must have a valid Aadhaar and bank account linked with Aadhaar. The pension amount for KSY is Rs. 3000 per month and is credited to the farmer’s account every month.

KSY has been welcomed among India’s farming community. According to recent estimates, the program has so far benefitted nearly 4.7 million farmers over the age of 60 across the country, with an expenditure of Rs. 11,611 crore. The program is part of the government’s larger effort to ensure the welfare of farmers in the country and to create a secure future for small and marginal farmers.

In order to avail the benefits of KSY, farmers must register themselves with the government’s website or local authorities. The registration process includes providing all the required documents along with bank account details. Once the registration is complete, the pension amount will be credited to the farmer’s account on the 1st of every month.

The launch of Kisan Samman Yojna is a major step towards providing economic security to farmers in India. It has been widely praised for its efforts to ensure the welfare of farmers and to provide them with financial stability. With the help of the program, small and marginal farmers can look forward

Application Procedure

Kisan Samman Yojna is a government scheme to benefit small and marginal farmers in India. It provides financial assistance of up to Rs. 6,000 per year in three equal instalments. To receive this payment, farmers need to first register their names with their respective state or central government.

The process of registration is relatively simple and can be done online or offline. Offline registration can be done by visiting respective government offices. Online registration can be done through the government website and other digital services. Once the registration is complete, the farmer will receive a unique ID which serves as the basis of eligibility for the scheme.

The benefits offered by the scheme are numerous and include crop insurance, soil health cards, concessional crop loans and various subsidies. Additionally, the scheme provides benefits related to animal husbandry, dairy farming and fisheries.

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The scheme has been a great success since its launch in 2018. According to official estimates, more than 12 crore farmers have benefited from it till now. Furthermore, it has also proven to be a great source of income for farmers and has resulted in improved productivity and reduced poverty levels in agricultural areas.

Kisan Samman Yojna has been a great boon for small and marginal farmers in India. It has opened up new avenues of income and helped reduce the gap between urban and rural areas. For more information on the scheme, one can visit the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Required Documents

The Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, launched by the Government of India in December 2018, is an income support scheme aimed at providing economic assistance to small and marginalized farmers. To avail of this scheme, farmers need to submit certain documents to the government. These documents include an Aadhaar card, bank account details, and proof of farming land. Additionally, for farmers over 60 years of age, a pension form is also needed.

As per the latest statistics, over 6.5 crore farmers have already benefitted from this scheme and have been given access to financial assistance amounting to Rs. 6000 annually. This amount is credited directly to the farmers’ bank accounts, providing them with much needed financial security.

The Government of India is making every effort to ensure that farmers have access to the benefits of this scheme. To further ease the process, the government has partnered with banks and post offices, so that farmers can apply for the scheme without having to travel long distances. For any queries, farmers can get in touch with the Kisan Call Centre at 1800-180-1551.

The scheme is also very beneficial for the marginalised farmers. They are eligible to receive a higher amount of Rs. 10000 per year. This is expected to go a long way in helping farmers meet the costs of cultivation and other farming related expenses.

Overall, the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is an effective scheme that has already benefitted a large number of farmers in India. It provides them with much needed financial stability and plays a major

Disbursement of Funds

Kisan Samman Yojana is an Indian governmental scheme intended to provide financial assistance to the farmers of the country. The scheme was first announced by the government in the 2019 Budget of India. The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the farmers in order to help them meet their day to day needs. The funds disbursed under this scheme are used to purchase necessary items such as seeds and fertilizers for agricultural activities.

Under the Kisan Samman Yojana, the government has allocated Rs. 6,000 crore for disbursement of funds to the farmers. It has been estimated that this fund will be disbursed to around 12 crore farmers of India. The government has also announced that the disbursement of the fund will be done through direct benefit transfer (DBT) system. This means that the funds will be directly deposited into the bank accounts of the eligible farmers.

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The government also announced certain eligibility criteria for the farmers to receive funds under this scheme. The eligibility criteria include that the farmer must be between 18 to 40 years old and must have a valid Aadhar card. Additionally, the farmer must have a valid bank account in order to receive the fund.

The government has also announced that all the farmers who are eligible to receive funds under this scheme will receive a one-time payment of Rs. 2000. This payment will be transferred directly to their bank account. The government has also made it easier for farmers to apply for the scheme by setting up an online portal where they can submit their applications.

Challenges Faced

Kisan Samman Yojna (KSY) is a flagship scheme of the Government of India for farmers, implemented in 2018. It provides various benefits such as accident and health insurance, investment and interest subsidy, crop insurance and pension. Unfortunately, there are several challenges that farmers face while availing these benefits.

First, there is a lack of awareness among farmers about the scheme. Many are unaware of how to apply for the benefits or are confused about the eligibility criteria. A survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture found that only 20% of farmers had taken advantage of KSY in 2019.

Second, there are issues of inadequate infrastructure, such as lack of internet connectivity in rural areas. This makes it difficult to access the online application forms, or to register for the scheme. Additionally, there are lengthy and complicated forms that need to be filled out, which often puts farmers off.

Third, there has been a lack of proper implementation in many states. The process of claiming the benefits are often riddled with delays and corruption, making it difficult for farmers to access the money they are entitled to.

Finally, there have been issues with the funds allocated to the scheme. Despite receiving over Rs. 7,000 crore from the government in 2020, State governments have been unable to provide proper services to farmers. This has made it difficult for farmers to access the benefits of the scheme.

Despite the challenges, Kisan Samman Yojna is an important step towards improving the lives of farmers in India. Proper implementation and better infrastructure are needed to ensure


Kisan Samman Yojna is an innovative program that has helped to alleviate the suffering of many Indian farmers. It has helped to bring financial stability to thousands of households and helped to improve the lives of those living in rural areas. It is a great example of the government working with the people to create a positive change in their lives. The success of this program has been evident in the improvement of the quality of life for many farmers. I hope this program will continue to grow and provide more support to India’s agricultural communities. This is a great way to ensure that India’s farmers are able to continue to provide for themselves and their families. Let us all do our part to support the success of this program for the benefit of all.

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