My Favorite Images

My Favorite Images

My favorite images are the ones that make me happy, inspire me, or make me laugh. They are the images that remind me why I do what I do, and why I love life.


My favorite medical images

Images that make me happy

Images that make me happy are images that make me feel good. They could be funny, happy, cute, or just plain comfortable, but they all make me happy in one way or another. Some of my favorite images are of people I know or things I know, but I also love images of nature and animals.

Images that make me laugh

  1. A woman trying to do a splits while balancing a full water bottle on her head
  2. A man balancing a bowling ball on his head
  3. A person balancing a stack of books on their head
  4. A person balancing a basketball on their head
  5. A person balancing a gallon of milk on their head
  6. A person balancing a stack of CDs on their head
  7. A person balancing a tray of food on their head
  8. A person balancing a beach ball on their head
  9. A person balancing a large jug of water on their head
    10. A person balancing a lit candle on their head

Images that inspire me

Images that inspire me usually depict people in powerful or interesting situations. They can be inspirational because they show the strength of human beings or the power of nature. They can also be inspirational because they show how the human spirit can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Images that remind me of good times

  1. In the sun, laughing out loud with friends and family
  2. A day spent doing what you love, surrounded by people who make you feel loved
  3. A picnic on a perfect day, with loved ones by your side
  4. A night out with friends, dancing until the early hours and ending up with cheesy grins on your faces
  5. Taking a relaxing bath with candles burning and your favourite book nearby
  6. Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket after a long day of work and reading a good book
  7. Laughing with your loved ones at a family gathering, sharing stories and good times
  8. Sitting on the beach, watching the waves crash and enjoying a perfect day
  9. A day spent lying in the sun, taking in the views
    10. Sitting under the stars, with your loved ones, sharing stories and good times

Images that make me think

  1. A woman looking out the window, contemplating her life and the future.

    2. A man playing chess with himself.

    3. A person looking at a picture of themselves, with a nostalgic or happy feeling.

    4. A person walking through a beautiful landscape, taking in the sights and smells.

    5. A person playing music on a grand piano.

    6. A person with their head down, working on a project.

    7. A group of people, all of whom are looking at something interesting.

    8. A person in a hospital bed, receiving treatment.

    9. A crowd of people, all of whom are looking up towards the sky.

    10. A person taking a picture of themselves, with a sly or ironic grin on their face.


There are so many amazing images out there and I can’t pick just one! I love looking at photos of people and nature, but I also love looking at photos of food and drink. I especially love looking at photos of beer, wine, and cocktails!

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