Sniffing Women Panties

There’s something about a woman’s panties that just makes men want to smell them. Maybe it’s the alluring scent of her sex, or maybe it’s the sense of power that comes with knowing that he can make her feel uncomfortable in that intimate space. Whatever the reason, there’s something strangely alluring about sniffing a woman’s panties.


Why do guys sniff women’s panties?

There is no real answer to this question as there is no one definitive reason why men may decide to sniff women’s panties. Some people may believe that it is simply a way of heightening sexual arousal, while others may view it as a way of asserting dominance or control over the woman. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely an interesting and oftentimes taboo topic that can generate a lot of discussion and speculation.

The psychology behind the fetish

There is something undeniably alluring about a woman’s delicate, feminine scent. It’s a sign of fertility and femininity, and it’s something that men find incredibly attractive. Some men even find the smell of a woman’s panties particularly arousing – and for many, sniffing a pair of panties is a way of getting a little closer to the woman who’s wearing them.

There are a few reasons why sniffing a woman’s panties can be so appealing. For one, it’s a way of feeling close to the woman. It’s also a way of asserting dominance over her – by asserting control over her body, you’re also asserting control over her sexuality. And finally, sniffing a woman’s panties can be a way of arousing her – by teasing her with the smell of her panties, you can help her to reach her sexual arousal threshold.

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Is sniffing women’s panties illegal?

No, there is no law against sniffing women’s panties. However, there is no reason to do so unless you are trying to determine whether or not the person wearing the panties is pregnant.

What are the consequences of getting caught sniffing women’s panties?

If someone were to get caught sniffing women’s panties, it would be considered a criminal offence. This could lead to criminal charges and a possible prison sentence. Additionally, the individual may be subject to social sanctions, such as being banned from certain places or having their reputation damaged.

How to get rid of the panty sniffing fetish


I’m a professional, witty and clever person, so I’m going to offer a detailed explanation of how to get rid of the panty sniffing fetish.

There are a few things you can do to get over this problem. First, you can try to understand why you have this fetish. Maybe you grew up watching your mom or grandmother wear panties and it made you feel excited or special. Maybe you think people who sniff underwear are dirty or smelly. You can try to talk to your therapist or doctor about why this fetish is bothering you, but ultimately, you will have to figure out what works best for you.

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Another thing you can do is try to change the way you think about panties. Maybe you think of them as something dirty or smelly, but maybe you can think of them in a different way. You could try to imagine what it would be like to smell someone else’s panties or even to put them on and smell them yourself. This can help you to change the way you think about them and hopefully make the fetish less appealing to you.

Finally, you can try to get rid of the fetish altogether by Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI). This involves working on changing the way you think about the fetish and the objects that are associated with it. You can start by writing down all of the thoughts that come into your head when you think about sniffing panties or other objects that are associated with the fetish. Then,


There is no denying that sniffing women’s panties is a fetish that many men enjoy. It’s a simple act that can provide excitement and arousal in both men and women. Some may say that it’s a disgusting act, but many others find it to be a sexual turn-on. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this matter, as each person has their own individual preference.

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