Typical German Facial Features

German facial features are typically characterized by a high forehead, a straight nose, and a small mouth. These features are the result of the Germanic ethnicity and the cold climate in which the people of Germany live.


square jaw

German people have a square jaw due to their general muscle structure. This is beneficial in many ways, as it gives them a strong and determined appearance. Additionally, the square jaw is ideal for making strong and clear facial expressions.

high cheekbones

German cheekbones are typically high and angular. Most Germans have a little bit of a “baby face”, but their cheekbones make them look more angular and masculine. This is probably because most Germans have a high level of facial symmetry, meaning that their facial features are similar down the middle. This gives them a “strong” look, which is why they are often used in advertising and modeling.

strong chin

German males typically have chins that are strong and defined. This is due to the fact that Germans are known for their discipline and work ethic. This strong chin is often a key component of the German facial features.

fair skin

German people are generally considered to have fair skin. This is likely because of the high amount of sun exposure that they receive in comparison to other countries. The combination of the sun and the Germanic ancestry means that their skin is usually very able to handle alcohol, which is a common skin-care ingredient in Germany.

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blue eyes

German people are often considered to have the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. This might come as no surprise, as blue eyes are said to be a sign of good health and strong genetics. Some people think that blue eyes are sexy, and others simply find them attractive. Whatever your opinion, it’s clear that German people have a lot of pride in their beautiful eyes.

blonde hair

German women are typically considered to have blond hair. This is because the gene that controls the color of hair is more common in German people than in people of other nationalities.


The typical German facial features are angular features, a strong chin, and a narrow, prominent nose. Germans also have thick, wavy hair and blue eyes.

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