Up Leptop Yojna

Up Leptop Yojna

The Indian government has recently launched the Up Laptop Yojna scheme in order to provide laptops to economically backward students. This scheme is part of a larger effort to bridge the digital divide and ensure access to technology for all citizens. As a student, I am excited about the possibilities this scheme brings for those who would otherwise not have access to the latest technology. Through the Up Laptop Yojna, the government hopes to provide laptops to over 10 million students across India. With the help of this scheme, these students can create a level playing field with their peers in terms of access to technology. I am looking forward to seeing the positive impacts this scheme will have on the students and our society in general.


फ्री लैपटॉप योजना 2022 | UP फ्री लैपटॉप योजना 2022 | UP फ्री लैपटॉप किसको मिलेगा?

Up Laptop Scheme

The Up Laptop Scheme was introduced by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, with the aim of improving digital literacy and bridging the digital divide in the state. This scheme provides students from class 11th and 12th with a free laptop, along with a free internet connection for one year. This way, students from rural, underprivileged backgrounds can have access to the latest online resources and use technology to enhance their education.

Since the introduction of this scheme, over 5.5 lakh laptops have been distributed to students so far. This has allowed them to access various online educational resources, such as e-books, tutorials, and study material. Additionally, it has allowed them to stay connected with the outside world, while they study and prepare for their exams.

Moreover, the Up Laptop Scheme has also provided mentorship opportunities to the students. It allows them to be connected to alumni and professionals in the industry who can guide them and provide them with career advice. This has enabled them to make informed choices and gain a better understanding of the various career options available to them.

Overall, the Up Laptop Scheme has been very successful in helping students from rural backgrounds get access to quality education. It has allowed them to stay connected and learn from the best resources available online. By doing so, the scheme has provided them with the opportunity to make the most of their educational journey and succeed in life.

Benefits: E-Learning Access

Up Leptop Yojna is an innovative program launched by the Indian Government to provide access to e-learning for students from low-income households. This scheme allows students to access educational resources from a range of topics for free. It is estimated that about 5 million students have benefited from the program since its launch in 2019.

Access to e-learning is an important development that can help bridge the educational gap in India. With the help of the Up Leptop Yojna, students can access online lectures, notes, quizzes, and other resources with just the click of a button. Not only does it make learning easier, but it also reduces the cost of textbooks and other resources.

The program also provides a laptop to eligible students. Having their own device makes it easy for students to work online and access the e-learning resources. Furthermore, the laptop is equipped with educational software, making it easier for students to learn and grow their knowledge.

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The Up Leptop Yojna is an important initiative that is helping to make educational opportunities more accessible to students from low-income households. It is estimated that the program has saved students approximately $400 million in educational costs since its launch. The Government has also partnered with several education platforms to make educational resources more accessible for students.

In summary, Up Leptop Yojna is a great initiative that has helped millions of students access quality e-learning resources. It has made education more affordable and accessible for students from low-income households and has been a great

Eligibility Criteria

The Up Laptop Yojna is a scheme launched by the Indian Government to provide subsidised laptops to students across India. To be eligible for the scheme, students must be enrolled in an approved college or university in India and must have passed the Higher Secondary Examination with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. Additionally, students should not be receiving any other financial assistance from any other government schemes.

The scheme is open to all students who meet the requirements and can prove their identity. To make sure that the scheme reaches its intended target, the Government has partnered with several leading laptop manufacturing companies in India to provide quality laptops at an affordable rate. It is estimated that more than 5 million students have already benefited from the scheme since its launch.

The scheme is a great way to make higher education more accessible and affordable to students of all backgrounds. It also encourages students to pursue their dreams and equip them with the right tools to achieve them. Moreover, the scheme also provides a unique opportunity to boost the national economy by creating more jobs in the manufacturing sector.

This scheme is a great opportunity for students to stay ahead of the times and become technologically literate. It is also a great way to ensure that the Government’s commitment to providing quality education is met. With the right support, students can make the most of the scheme and become successful.

For more information about the Up Laptop Yojna, visit the Government’s website or contact your local educational institution.

Application Process

The Up Leptop Yojna is an Indian government scheme that provides laptops and tablets to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been created to help bridge the digital divide and give students from under-privileged communities the same access to technology and resources as those from more privileged backgrounds. The application process is relatively straightforward, with applicants required to fill out a simple online form with their personal details and the details of their educational institution.

Once the form is submitted, applicants are required to upload a scanned copy of their academic transcripts and a recent photograph. Additionally, applicants must provide proof of financial status and residence in order to be considered for the scheme. Successful applicants will then be contacted by the concerned authorities, who will provide a voucher for the laptop/tablet, which can be redeemed from select authorised dealers.

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Since its launch in 2020, the Up Leptop Yojna has been successful in providing laptops/tablets to over 1 million students from all states and union territories in India. This has been a major boost to the Indian government’s Digital India initiative, helping to close the digital divide between the privileged and the underprivileged. The scheme has also been lauded by experts for being simple and easy to understand, with the application process taking no more than 10 minutes to complete.

To find out more about the Up Leptop Yojna and the application process, visit the official website of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local educational institution for more information on

Document Requirements

The Up leptop yojna is a program designed to provide laptops to college students in India. In order to be eligible for the program, students must provide certain documents. These documents include proof of age, proof of address, and proof of identity.

The most important document requirement is proof of identity, which can be provided through a variety of forms. These forms include a PAN card, Aadhar card, Driving License, or Passport. All documents should be valid and not expired in order to be accepted.

In addition to the documents listed above, supporting documents may also be required depending on the college and state. This can include a certified copy of the last academic degrees, class X mark sheet, college bonafide certificate, etc.

The up leptop yojna is very important in providing even more equitable access to technology for students in India. According to the World Bank, only 42% of households in India have access to computers. This program aims to bridge this gap, and provide access to technology for thousands of students across the country.

If you are an eligible student and would like to apply for the up leptop yojna, make sure to have all of the required documents on hand. This will help the process go much more smoothly, and ensure that you receive the laptop in a timely manner.

Distribution Process

The Up Laptop Yojana is an ambitious scheme implemented by the government of Uttar Pradesh to ensure access to quality education for its citizens. Under the scheme, laptops are distributed to meritorious students studying in various educational institutes across the state. The selection process for the Up Laptop Yojana is based on merit, and the laptops are distributed free of cost to the successful applicants.

The selection process for the Up Laptop Yojana is quite rigorous and includes strict background checks. First, the students must meet the eligibility requirements as determined by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The student must also have passed 12th board examinations with at least 50% marks in the relevant subject. After the eligibility criteria are met, the student must apply for the laptop and submit all the required documents.

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Once the documents are received, a committee comprising of members from the UGC and the state government will evaluate the merits of each applicant. Based on their performance in the examination and the background checks, the committee will select the students who will get the laptops. The committee also takes into account the financial background of the applicant when making their decision.

Once the selection process is complete, the successful applicants will receive the laptops at their respective institutions. The laptops are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students can make the most of their studies. The laptops will also come with various software packages to ensure that the students have access to a range of educational materials.

The Up Laptop Yojana is a great initiative by the government to


The Uttar Pradesh Laptop Yojana is a government scheme that aims to provide laptops and tablets to students who enroll in higher education institutes in the state. A part of the Digital India initiative, the scheme helps students access educational resources without financial barrier.

Under this scheme, laptops and tablets are provided to students who have passed their intermediate exam, and are admitted into universities, colleges and ITIs. The laptop or tablet is distributed through the institutes and is provided to the student free of cost.

To apply for the scheme, the student must fill out a form and submit it along with a copy of their Intermediate Educational Certificate, residence proof, and other documents. The application can be done online or offline.

The laptop or tablet provided under the scheme comes with pre-installed educational software such as Microsoft Office, MATLAB, SPSS, and Perkin-Elmer. It also has antivirus software and access to online resources such as EduMate, which is an online classroom software.

The Uttar Pradesh Laptop Yojana has helped nearly 1 million students to date, improve their educational capabilities. It has also helped bridge the digital divide between urban and rural students, allowing them to access the same educational resources. For more information, visit the official Uttar Pradesh government website.


Up Laptop Yojna is a great initiative that has the potential to bridge the digital divide and bring more people from rural and urban India into the digital world. The scheme is also a great way to develop the educational system in India, as students can use the laptops for their studies and research. This scheme has already benefited thousands of students in the country and continues to do so. It is a great example of how the government is taking steps to give everyone an equal opportunity to access the digital world. We should all support this scheme and encourage our friends and family to take advantage of it. As a nation, we can all make a difference in this area and create a better future for our students and our country. Let’s all join together to help our students in India and make sure they have access to the best educational opportunities.

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