What Happens When You Call A Dead Phone

What Happens When You Call A Dead Phone

When you call a dead phone, you might be surprised by the consequences.


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The first thing that happens is…

The phone’s battery dies and it cannot send or receive any calls or messages.

Then, you’ll notice…

If someone is trying to call a dead phone, they will see a screen that says “This number is not in service.” The person will then be asked to try again later or to try a different phone number.

After that, it’s likely that…

The person you are trying to call is most likely dead. The person’s phone may have been turned off, or they may have been out of the country when your call was placed.

Finally, if you keep trying…

If you are trying to call a dead phone, you are probably trying to call a phone that is not currently in use or that has been turned off. If the phone is currently not in use, you may be able to reach someone by ringing the phone number again or by calling another number that is connected to the phone. If the phone has been turned off, you may need to wait until the phone is turned on again and then try to reach someone.

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But be warned that…

Calling a dead phone is a risky business. If you’re not sure if your phone is actually dead, don’t call. Assuming your phone is in fact deceased, the following occurs:

1. You will receive a busy signal when you try to call the number.

  1. The phone’s voicemail will indicate that the phone is either unavailable or disconnected.
  2. If you have a tracking enabled phone, you will see that the phone has been moved to a new location.


When you try to call a dead phone, you may get a busy signal, a message that the phone is not reachable, or a voice message that says the number has been disconnected.

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