Who Is The Ceo Of Instagram 2022

Who Is The Ceo Of Instagram 2022

As the ceo of Instagram, Kevin Systrom has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He is responsible for making sure the company continues to grow and become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Systrom has a lot of experience with running a company and he knows how to make Instagram a success. He is also a shrewd businessperson, which has helped Instagram grow rapidly.


Instagram Chief Reveals New Changes to Platform (Watch It Here)

Who is the current CEO of Instagram?

Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They were later joined by Chris Hughes and Evan Spiegel, who served as the company’s CEO and president, respectively, until 2017. In November of that year, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Systrom has since moved on to become the CEO of Live, while Krieger and Hughes remain on the board of directors.

Who will be the CEO of Instagram in ?


There is no definitive answer to this question as the CEO of Instagram can potentially be anyone within the company who meets the necessary qualifications. However, some possible candidates who could assume this role in the year 2022 include:

  • Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s current Vice President of Product
  • Mike Krieger, Instagram’s former Vice President of Product
  • Chris Cox, Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer
  • Barry McCarthy, Instagram’s Director of Engineering
  • Andrea Zylberberg, Instagram’s Director of Design

    Whoever is appointed as CEO of Instagram in 2022 will be responsible for overseeing the company’s overall operations, managing its marketing strategies, and overseeing the development of its products. They will also be responsible for ensuring that Instagram continues to grow and develop its platform into the future.

The history of Instagram’s CEO

Instagram’s CEO is Kevin Systrom. He started the company in 2010 with his friend Mike Krieger and originally intended it as a way to share pictures of food with friends. The app quickly became popular and in 2012, it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Systrom remains the CEO of Instagram and has been credited with helping to grow the company into the powerful platform it is today.

The future of Instagram’s CEO

Instagram ceo is currently unknown, but rumoured to be the founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

Why the CEO of Instagram matters

Instagram is a social media platform owned and operated by Facebook. The company was founded by ex-Yahoo employees Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. As of February 2019, Instagram has over 2.5 billion active users. The CEO of Instagram is Adam Mosseri.

Adam Mosseri has been the CEO of Instagram since January 2018. Prior to this, he served as the head of product for Facebook from January 2016 to January 2018. Mosseri has a degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.


In 2022, Instagram will have a new CEO. This will be the first time that the ceo of Instagram has changed since the company was founded in 2010. The new CEO will be chosen through a process that includes a search committee and a vote of shareholders.

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