Yogi Tablet Yojna

Yogi Tablet Yojna

As a technology enthusiast, I’m always looking for the latest advancements in the industry. When I heard about the Yogi Tablet Yojna, I was intrigued by the idea of a low-cost tablet designed specifically for students in India. This program, a joint effort of the government and tech companies, is aimed at providing affordable technology to students across the country. Not only does it make technology more accessible, but it also helps to bridge the digital divide. I was eager to find out more about this innovative project, so I decided to investigate and write about it. In this article, I will discuss the features of the Yogi Tablet Yojna and its potential impact on the Indian education system.


Yogi Tablet Yojna

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a unique initiative launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide access to quality digital education to students. The initiative is part of the larger UP Digital Education mission and aims to ensure that students from all socio-economic backgrounds can benefit from quality digital learning. Under the scheme, over 4 million tablets will be distributed to students free of cost. The tablets are equipped with educational content covering topics from grade 8 to 12 and students can access the content from anywhere.

Furthermore, the UP government has also included additional features in the tablets such as online examination preparation and access to online libraries. This helps students to stay updated with the syllabus, practice for exams and gain access to a variety of educational resources. Moreover, the tablets are also pre-loaded with various educational apps such as BYJU’s, NCERT e-Pathshala, and Khan Academy.

The Yogi Tablet Yojna has already seen tremendous success with over 2.5 million students already having benefitted from this initiative. Studies have shown that the scheme has improved educational outcomes for students in rural areas and has enabled many to stay connected with their studies. The UP government has also recently announced more tablets for students in higher classes to ensure that no one is left behind in their digital education journey.

Overall, the Yogi Tablet Yojna is a great example of how digital learning can be leveraged to help students from all backgrounds. It not only provides access to quality educational content but also provides additional resources to help students further their knowledge

Overview: Benefits & Objectives

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a Government of India initiative to provide free tablets to students and teachers of government-run educational institutions across the country. The primary objective of the scheme is to bridge the digital divide, reduce the technological gap between rural and urban areas, and give every student in the country access to digital learning. This scheme also has the potential to enhance the quality of education as it provides free access to numerous educational resources.

As per the scheme, students enrolled in recognized institutions of higher education such as engineering and medical colleges, universities and research institutions will be provided with tablet computers loaded with educational content. Teachers of such institutions will also be provided with tablets to assist them in the teaching process.

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The scheme will be implemented through the Centralized Equipment Management System (CEMS), which will enable the government to monitor and manage the distribution of tablets. Additionally, the scheme will also provide free internet access to students and teachers through the National Knowledge Network (NKN). According to reports, the tablets will come pre-loaded with a digital library, online learning content, and various educational apps.

The scheme has the potential to revolutionize the education system in India. It is estimated that the scheme will benefit more than 25 million students and 1 million teachers across the country. Furthermore, the scheme will provide the much-needed impetus for digital literacy in the country and pave the way for a digitally empowered India.

Eligibility Criteria

Yogi Tablet Yojna is a scheme introduced by the government of India to provide tablets to students at reduced rates. This scheme was launched in 2018 in order to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas. To be eligible for the scheme, the applicant must be a student of any recognized institution in India. The student should have good attendance and should have above 60% marks in the previous year’s examinations. The applicant must also have the ability to pay for the tablet since the scheme does not offer any financial assistance. This scheme has already provided over 200,000 tablets to students in India and has enabled them to gain access to educational resources and improve their educational prospects. It is a great initiative to promote digital literacy in the country.

Process for Application

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a scheme launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide free tablets to students in the state. The scheme is geared towards providing access to quality education and creating digital awareness among students. The process to apply for the Yogi Tablet Yojna is quite simple.

Firstly, the student needs to submit his/her details such as name, address, mobile number, etc. on the official website. Secondly, the student needs to upload relevant documents such as address proof, identity proof, etc. Thirdly, the student needs to provide his/her bank details for the success of the application. Fourthly, the student needs to fill the online application form and submit it. Lastly, the student needs to pay the security deposit fee in order to avail the Yogi Tablet Yojna.

The Yogi Tablet Yojna has helped to empower over 6 million students with access to quality education and digital awareness as of 2019, according to the official website. The scheme has been lauded for its focus on bridging the digital divide and providing greater access to education for students in Uttar Pradesh. Overall, the Yogi Tablet Yojna is a great initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government.

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Documents Required

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a revolutionary initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban India. This scheme provides tablets to students enrolled in government-run schools in Uttar Pradesh. To be eligible to receive the tablet, students must meet certain requirements. The documents required to apply for the Yogi Tablet Yojna are a government-issued ID, a class 10 mark sheet, and an income certificate.

The Yogi Tablet Yojna promises to provide an opportunity to students who are traditionally left behind in the digital age. It has the potential to create an equitable learning environment for students who do not have access to resources such as a personal computer or laptop. According to the Uttar Pradesh Government’s official website, the scheme is expected to benefit more than 28 lakh students from 13,000 government schools.

While the Yogi Tablet Yojna has been well received, there are still some concerns about its implementation. There have been reports of students being denied access to the tablets because they were unable to produce the required documents. The Uttar Pradesh Government is taking steps to address these issues, but it is important that students take responsibility for submitting the right documents.

Overall, the Yogi Tablet Yojna has the potential to be a game-changer for rural and urban education in India. By providing tablet devices to students, the scheme can help them gain access to the same digital resources and learning opportunities as those in urban areas. By submitting the required documents, students can take advantage of this scheme and further their education.

Distribution & Allocation

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is an innovative scheme aimed at bringing the digital world to the doorstep of the people of Uttar Pradesh. Launched by the Uttar Pradesh Government in 2020, the scheme seeks to provide free tablet computers to students across the state. Through this initiative, the government hopes to bridge the digital divide and promote access to knowledge and education for citizens.

The Yogi Tablet Yojna has been allocated a budget of Rs. 530 crore. This amount will be used to distribute 2.3 million tablets to students studying in grades 9 to 12 in government-run schools across the state. Additionally, the scheme will provide training to the students to ensure they are well-versed in the use of the tablets and can make full use of the devices.

In addition to providing tablets to students, the Yogi Tablet Yojna also seeks to make use of the devices to provide access to information related to various government services, citizenship, and digital literacy. This will enable citizens to avail of government services more easily and understand their rights.

The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a great step towards bridging the digital divide and promoting access to knowledge and education across the state. This initiative has been hailed by the education minister of Uttar Pradesh as a great step towards modernizing the state’s educational system. With the help of this scheme, students will have access to the world of technology and be able to benefit from the use of modern technology.

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The Yogi Tablet Yojna is a great example of the government taking initiative

Impact & Outcome

Yogi Tablet Yojana has been encouraging digital literacy amongst the youth of Uttar Pradesh since it’s launch in 2017. Under this scheme, 10 lakh tablets are distributed across the state to students of classes 9 and 12, and to those belonging to the economically weaker sections. These tablets are preloaded with content related to their education and also to the development of communication, soft and life skills.

This scheme has had a positive impact on the educational outcomes in Uttar Pradesh. According to a report by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, after the implementation of this scheme, the pass percentage of students in the state has increased to more than 90%, while the number of dropouts has decreased drastically. Moreover, research conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur has revealed that it has also improved the overall performance of students in their exams.

Apart from its educational benefits, the Yogi Tablet Yojana has also helped in bridging the digital divide in the state. It provides easy and equitable access to digital resources and technology to the youth in Uttar Pradesh, resulting in more opportunities for them. Furthermore, it has also made the process of acquiring knowledge and information easier and more convenient for students, who can now access the latest educational resources with just a few clicks.

The Yogi Tablet Yojana has been successful in its objective of promoting digital literacy, and has helped in enhancing the educational outcomes in Uttar Pradesh. It has been a transformative force in the state, providing an equal opportunity to the youth to grasp the latest technology. This scheme has also opened


the Yogi Tablet Yojna has been a great success and has been widely appreciated. It has provided students with the opportunity to access digital learning materials and become digitally literate. The ability to access digital information has made a huge difference to the quality of education in many areas. Not only has it improved the educational experience, it has also provided a financial relief to many people who could not otherwise afford to purchase a tablet. The Yogi Tablet Yojna has been an effective way to bridge the digital divide and has been a great success. As more and more people become digitally literate, the world will become a better place for everyone. I urge everyone to take advantage of the Yogi Tablet Yojna and help make digital literacy accessible to all.

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